This is not fast fashion. It’s slow fashion, made affordable.

Design, flair, versatility: these are the three adjectives that perfectly fit the description of EUTERPE’s leather bags. EUTERPE’s woman is a modern and sophisticated one: it is a woman who does not want to make any style compromise and looks for a bag she can carry in any moment of the day – from a work meeting to a fancy dinner. Not an accessory but an enhancement, a “style statement” at an accessible and transparent price.


EUTERPE’s project was born in 2020 from an idea of Sofia Nardi, designer and creative director of the Brand.

Sofia grew up in a family that has been working in the field of architecture and luxury furniture for generations. Sofia is inherently inspired by the attention and respect of shapes and harmony of materials. Her creative process is deeply inspired by the atmosphere and interior design of the 70s, and the concept of colour blocking.Sofia has always cultivated her love for fashion, then refining her design skills by graduating in Fashion Design at the IUAV University of Venice. She continued her experience as a Fashion Designer at Osman Studio, London, and as Creative Director at Hearst Magazine, also in London. Coming back in Italy, since June 2020, she devoted herself to Euterpe project.

“I always loved helping my mum getting dressed. She has a strong, always successful method: she stands in front of her closet and imaging the situation she needs to get dressed for. We analyzed outfits and accessories for the purpose – sapiently pondering a combination of flair and functionality. We have always loved fashion, and together we always succeeded in turning a sometime “stressful” moment into an enjoyable one. Now that I can give my contribute, I’d like to commit my project at the “wearing” moment of every mom and every daughter”


In Greek mythology Euterpe, “the one who cheers up”, is the name of the Muse of music and lyric poetry. The brand takes inspiration from this muse epithet for being a carrier of joy and light-heartedness: EUTERPE’s woman is a woman who wants to have fun with fashion conveying it through her personality.

Moving away from a fast fashion reality, the brand’s aim is to provide a well-made bag that does not cost like three-month rent payment, making it possible to have fun “collecting” during the years its own favorite bags.

These bags are a tribute to minimal and classic shapes, to pastels and pop colours, to simplicity that gives life to a never fading beauty. Luxury concept, consequently, takes place in the study that goes into the product’s design, and not only in the brand or in the price itself.